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We promise to create the most circular packed water solutions we can.

Soul Water was born from the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy quality drinking tap water. When that's not possible, we wanted to create an easy solution so people can enjoy water in a sustainable way. 

How can something as simple as how we are drinking water, make such a big difference to the environment and communities?

This is how we do it:

Each can of Soul Water contains natural mineral water and is lovingly designed to be eternally recyclable.


Our products are minimally packaged and transported with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

By supporting Soul Water, you also support our non-profit The Soul Community, with which we help initiatives to build a greener, more socially sustainable planet together. 


We promise to create the most circular packed water solutions we can.


We source natural mineral water, as close
to the distributor as possible, and use circular recyclable packaging to generate the lowest carbon footprint we can.


We also donate a percentage of the turnover to our own charitable foundation,
The Soul Community.

We believe in building a greener and
more caring planet together through simple, conscious choices that make
a big difference.



Creating Soul Water and The Soul Community has very much been part of my personal journey into consciousness.

For many years I worked as a sales manager in the coffee and tea industries
and organised dance parties in Amsterdam. I loved what I was doing,
but I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing...


My career was great and I was building material success, but I felt disconnected from myself, my relationships,
my professional purpose and nature.

Three major things happened: I met the woman of my dreams, I decided I wanted the freedom of becoming an entrepreneur, and I wanted to move to Ibiza, the island I had fallen in love with.

I'd been in Ibiza a lot and something about Ibiza drew me, not only the life-changing moment I met my wife, Natalia, but also the incredible energy of Ibiza's nature and people. 

After a few years of building our life on the island, I found myself looking for a new challenge. My friend and I decided to start a quality bottled water brand that brought together our shared love of fashion, design, and people.


It was an exciting time; I felt inspired, creative, and was learning a lot about business and relationships. But inside, I still felt like I wasn’t connected.


We create sustainable drinking water solutions.


We source high-quality mineral water, as close to home as possible, and use recyclable packaging to generate the lowest carbon footprint we can.

We also donate 20% of the turnover to our own charitable foundation, The Soul Community.


We believe in building a greener planet together through simple, conscious choices
that make a genuine difference.


Going through some pretty big life lessons, I started to become more conscious. I felt like I was waking up. I started to see more and more around me: the impact of people on the planet, my impact on others instead of being so focused on myself.


When I started to look at everything around me, I thought, “Wow! What are we doing?

How can we do things better?” I wanted to create something that had purpose and meaning and would give back to the world, even in a small way.


We take so much from mother nature, and it’s important that we give something back. The idea for Soul Water was born from there.


I sold my businesses and took all of my life lessons and experiences to create a new company with a soul. A company with respect, sustainability, caring, and consciousness at the heart of everything we do. 

Working with environmental consultants to understand the lifecycle of bottled water, we explored tetra, recycled plastics, and bioplastics in detail. We found that none of these were as green as we wanted, especially when we looked at how people recycle.


Tetra has a plastic lining, which means you can’t recycle it with paper as this thin layer needs to be removed first; bio-plastics face a similar challenge in that they can’t be recycled with regular plastics. 






Faced with this challenge, I attended an environmental conference and discovered the infinite recycling possibility and high consumer recycling behavior of aluminium cans. 

We take full responsibility for the impact of our business on the environment and try,
in our own way, to build a more sustainable planet together.


Everything we do has an impact — what we say, what we do, what choices we make. With Soul Water, all we ask is very simple: drink tap water wherever possible, and when you can’t, choose the most sustainable option available.

We aren’t perfect, but we believe that simple, conscious choices can make a big difference. I’d love to see Soul Water around the world, reducing plastic consumption and encouraging recyclable practices for a better environmental footprint.


We need your help to do it.

Together, more conscious choices can make a big impact. That’s why I’d like to call us a social enterprise.

If you think about Soul Water this way, it’s a pretty good place to start.


Let’s build a greener planet together.


Be part of

the solution.


A % of our turnover goes to The Soul Community.


 We create a greener planet together with you and our partners.

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